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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What is Astronomy?

After all the posts that i have posted on the blog, I thought to stop for a moment and think. What did i miss? Instantly, i remembered that i didn't mention What is Astronomy?

Astronomy, is an old Greek term. Astro- (from astron) means "star", while -nomy (from nomos) means arranging or regulating.

So it's fair to say that, Astronomy is the science of observing stars and arranging them according to their different properties.
But such a definition is incomplete in many ways. This definition would have applied in the early times of history of human race where naked-eye observation was the main method to see the sky above.
As the time passed, new technologies evolved and more methods where introduced to the process of observation. The first of a kind was Galileo's telescope. Many more methods followed that breakthrough and the science of sky observation became more than just mapping the sky or assigning names to stars.

Nowadays, Astronomy is the science that studies every celestial object in our vast universe to understand the specific characteristics of each and therefore formulate a definition for the Cosmos as a whole.

Astronomy is concerned mainly by the physical approach, but that doesn't mean that other branches of science aren't totally involved in astronomy. Many topics in astronomy would demand the presence of other sciences like chemistry, biology, geology, etc...

I consider that Astronomy is one of the most important branches of science for mankind. It doesn't only allow us to see how fabulous is the universe, but redefines our perception of everything in this life. From our perception of space (how small we are compared to the cosmos) to our perception of time (how short is our lives compared the age of universe). If we really understand the concepts this science offers to our little minds, our lives would greatly change into a unique experience of each individual.

Well, what i am trying to say is that we should not view astronomy as complicated subject but in matter of fact it has to be viewed as a life necessity.

Hope you enjoyed my small brief about Astronomy, wait for more!!

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