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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Origin of Life

One tough question that scientists have tried to answer since a very long time is: How did life came to be??!!
Many theories have been proposed on how life developed on Earth.
The Theory of Evolution that was put by Darwin attracted the attention of many people at the time and it seemed to miraculously solve the mystery behind the origin of life. This theory said that life was first started on Earth by mere chance and then evolution was responsible for the development of life as we see it now.
The idea was fascinating and collected many followers and till now supporters of this theory still believe that the scenario predicted by Darwin's ideas is the right one.
But as science have developed and our understanding of the components that make up intelligent life got deeper, scientists soon realized that life was so complex that it would exist just by coincidence.
So there had to be a source, there had to be a higher source which provided life to our planet.
As the 20th century came upon, the eyes of humanity started turning out to space. People who were not so convinced by the ideas of Evolution theory thought that maybe the source they were looking for came from outer space.
The idea itself was intriguing. Even that was enough to make governments move for the sake of this new quest, Finding life in outer space.
Though all the progress made by man in the field of space hadn't revealed even the most primitive forms of life, hopes are still high and everyone thinks that we are on the verge of discovering extraterrestrial life.
Unfortunately, this doesn't solve the problem. Even if we discover any life in outer space and had it have any relation with life on planet Earth, still stands the same question, Where did life come from at the first place??
Taking into consideration that the universe has evolved from the same place as it is many widely agreed that the Big Bang is what set fire for the beginning of our universe, universe is made of same matter and all our rules of science apply everywhere -- except maybe for very few things that remain unexplained. This means that even if life existed elsewhere, a source is essential for its start.
So we are back at the same point and our question is not answered but it has even gotten more complex.
However, the answer is very simple. Whenever our minds stop and our rules break, it is not the end of the world, but it is the end of our capacity to understand and think. Doubtlessly there exist a source of life and far more intelligent than we could perceive. It is God who created the universe and initiated life in it. this would be the only reasonable explanation that would lead the human mind to settle down knowing that the universe is not the work of coincidence or chance, but truly the work of the mighty God.

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