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Monday, April 11, 2011


We have some cool bits of Space Music to roundup this week. First, we've already covered NASA's first and last artist in residence (AIR), but what aboutSETI?
The ET-seeking non-profit just signed on multimedia artist Charles Lindsay for a three year stint as its first AIR, during which he'll grow the program and "encourage cross disciplinary artistic expression in order to explore and illuminate the origin, nature and prevalence of life in the universe."
As you see in the image above, Lindsay's work definitely has a spaced-out look to it. He uses a camera-less, carbon-based emulsion photographic process. His works also creates custom ambient soundscapes to accompany his work -- a process that includes processing samples from NASA's audio archives. Visit his official website to hear some of this.
As shared over at Wired, it was also a good week for live music aboard the International Space Station. In the following video, astronaut Catherine Coleman plays the flute for us in microgravity, continuing a long tradition of live music in orbit. In the past, humans have taken up. everything from synths to didgeridoos. In fact, ten days before Christmas 1965, the astronauts aboard Gemini 6 performed a rendition of the holiday tune "Jingle Bells" using a harmonica and bells. Anyway, here's Coleman (she whips it out around 1:20):

What else is there to listen to this week? Well, Luke Twyman of Neverest Songs recently scored the film "All that Glitters" and you can test drive the tracks right here. I interviewed Twyman in this previous space music post about his excellent SolarBeat space music application. It's good stuff to drift away to.

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