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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Introduction to Astronomy

Hi guys! This is my first post and i hope you will like it. I will not write long stories or boring articles; instead i will just put something very valuable in your hands.
I know many people who like Astronomy are just fans! Now what about the real thing, I mean learning something.
"Learning?? Study?? Have you lost your mind dude?! Don't we have enough "studying" already?!!" I know many of you would think this way or even worse :P, but this is not the case i promise. What i am offering here is a really nice course, not in books or any text form, but it is all videos!!
Wait there is more!! This course is ONLINE, FREE and VERY EASY to understand even if you have never knew anything about Astronomy before.
So it's a start if you can call it, or more professionally an " Introduction to Astronomy".
P.S.: I recommend this course for everyone, I assure that you will enjoy watching it even if you have no feelings for Astronomy. Also Prof. Robert Nemiroff is such a funny man, so he won't let you get bored easily. :D
Course Info:
  • Course Title: Introductory Astronomy PH1600
  • Institute: Michigan Tech University
  • Lecturer: Prof. Robert J. Nemiroff
  • Availability: Free Online Downloadable Content
  • For beginners and amateurs
Finally, here is the links to course available through apple:
Or you can get it via torrent download on the following link:
Hope you enjoy every bit of it. :)

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